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I got out of the Army in October 2007, and went back to being a Paramedic. I am now working as an RN in Case Management.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Thoughts on Life as a Short-Timer

Time to go home is gaining on me, I am short...not quite short enough to waltz under a snake's belly wearing a top hat, but too short to ride the really fun roller coasters. Quite a few soldiers have been added to the memoriam wall since I left for vacation, and a few since I have returned. When I came to this place, I was full of energy to train a new army, shove democracy down a bunch of peoples' throats, and protect the safety of the innocent. Now, I just want to go home, more than anything in the world I want to go. THe Army is the only service left doing one year tours, and they don't plan on changing it. Such a terrible decision. After nine months in theater, your situational awareness plummets. The soldiers are focused on going home, the command is focused on making sure they get their bronze and silver stars, and having formations, and making ever more silly rules so the men will get acclimated to a garrison life again, that no one is paying attention anymore to the blood running in the streets. I feel like I am 65 years old, and in need of a doctor's visit.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Back To Baghdad

I got back to Baghdad, and immediately was put to work! Right now, we are assisting another Infantry Battalion in Sadr City covering the elections. No one has patrolled there in over a year, and you can certainly tell. After the first night, all the windows in the trucks were busted! They are throwing everything except their Mommas at us. Ironic, considering we are there so they can vote, and they are trying to let us know just how much they hate us. Alot more of our soldiers died while I was on leave, the violence is increasing each and every day. The Army hates the fact that soldiers have blogs, and they are beginning to make it known. Posts here will slow down drastically as I no longer have a computer, and have to borrow one from a friend, so, sorry about that. In other news, I am safe for the moment, and hope you are all safe as well.