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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Winter Olympics

I thouroughly enjoyed watching the winter olympics. The olympics are one of the few sporting activities televised in America I can stand to watch. However, during the closing ceremonies and entertainment, I found myself sickened unto disgust by the commentary offered. For what possible reason do you need to comment on an exhibition of art? What can you do except ruin it? The problem was that I wanted to hear the music, but not the commentators. How wonderful would it be if you could simply cut the moronic voices out? It's not a competition, it's an expression of emotion! I don't need your thoughts on what is going on! BOOO to the crude Americans who think everyone values their input on absolutely everything that happens.

P.S. Could I possibly get away with beating the Olympic Commentators to their deaths?


Blogger Omni said...

I support our troops 100%, and I believe with all my heart in the importance of what you're doing over there. Rest assured that more people here at home feel like I do than the liberal media lets on... and that even those who ARE pitiful creatures who don't support the war DO support our troops and want you to all come home safe.

You seem like a fine young man; please be careful, and come home in one piece!!


12:13 AM  

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