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I got out of the Army in October 2007, and went back to being a Paramedic. I am now working as an RN in Case Management.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Year Since Coming Home

Reality hits you right square in the eye. It's hard to imagine what a normal life is while you're over there doing whatever it is the Secretary of the Army decides is best for you. When you come back home, you rediscover friends, good times, going out and being crazy, and of course, what life is like with your unit in garrison. Don't get me wrong, training is good, but train us to fight, don't play silly games with us... I went to the NCO board today. I passed with 3 points below perfect. (147 out of 150) I realized, it doesn't matter how many rules you have, in a combat unit, what matters is that you will be a leader, you won't puss out, and you will be able to motivate your soldiers to the limit if that is what is required to accomplish the mission.