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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I got all my pretties sewn on my cammies, and paid an Iraqi a buck to iron my blouse. Got another one to give me a fresh haircut. I'll be headed for my chopper in the morning, going to Baghdad International, then Kuwait, then Dallas, and finally Honolulu. Should be a few days travel time, but I'm stoked!

All dressed up, and he's got somewhere to go!

Ohhh, so hawt!

Al Bundy, on the other hand, won't be going anywhere til next month.

Hawt?  Nawt.


Anonymous Joan said...

Hawaii is great. The only time I've been though was on my honeymoon. My first night there I spent the evening in lingerie, sipping two hundred dollar champagne on the balcony of our resort, looking at the moon over the ocean as the tides crashed on the black sand beaches. My ex-husband spent the night laying in bed watching the Rugrats movie until he passed out. Needless to say, he's now my EX-husband!

Oh...and for your buddy's sake, I hope he was having a spectacular dream...otherwise that pose might have been wasted.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Cherry Blossom said...

RIGHT ON HOMER! You gotta do whatcha gotta do eh?

Have a great time in Hawaii Benson.

You need the break. Love the surgery pics....:)

7:35 PM  
Blogger amberdusk said...

haha! Very funny pic
Also like your pic :)
By the way, What did you get the surgery for?

6:59 PM  

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