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Monday, September 05, 2005

Perception is Reality

I am in a unique position since I am one of the few who had a career before the Army. Most people my age can think of nothing much more than that great day they get out of the military service. Of course, when that day comes, most of them tend to sign up for another hitch anyway. It's neat to see the psychology of it. They want to be civilians again so badly, yet most harbor disdain for the selfishness and decadence of modern America. The 3ID, which has born the heaviest brunt of fighting in this war, have reenlistment rates much higher than expected. Of course, I always have to have a goal so that my time isn't wasted, and right now, that goal is using the Military for P.A. school. But, I wonder; will I stay even after my obligation is over? It is such a sacrifice to miss out on the wonderful thing that is seeing a child grow up, but on the other hand, in the service, a man's word is truly a promise, something he can measure himself by. Whereas, in the civilian world, a promise is worth about as much as the air used up by speaking. On another note, the DOD is becoming increasingly concerned over soldiers' blogs. They are terrified that some sensitive information is leaking out. I'm pretty sure I don't fall into that category, as my writing is more of a look at the human side, instead of the technical war-making crap. So, I will continue to write. I think our soldiers are ready for America to go home. Indeed, they have grown beyond us now, but still have light-years to go before they are as disciplined as a U.S. Infantryman. I really don't get to see the big picture, as I am involved in training a light infantry battalion. We have only jeeps, and troop transports. I have seen some medium armor around town, and a couple of T-72 tanks. I read an article a month ago about some helicopters the IA were trying to buy, and they got majorly ripped off. It was some com-block country selling them old HIND helos. The vehicles we use were donated to Iraq by the Ukrainian Government. Our mechanics (American) have done a wonderful job keeping them running without parts, or manuals! Another IA soldier was struck by a car 3 days ago. We are still patrolling hot and heavy, and some intel is finally starting to flow, so hopefully we can have a bit more impact before we leave. Some 10th Mountain soldiers are moving into our AO, and will be doing their right seat rides soon. The torch will be passed for yet another year. I hear our next deployment will be to Afghanistan. Funny, the mountain guys going to the desert, and the "Baghdad Butchers" (as they like to call us) going to the mountains. Of course that's still a rumor. Think I'll have a cup of joe, and go for a run. My team went on patrol without me this a.m.


Anonymous Joan said...

The DoD is definitely watching soldiers' blogs. Heck, they even check mine and not only am I not in the military but Jimmy hasn't been able to contact me in a very long time. I guess they think I'm psychic. :)

I think you have to watch mainstream media as much as anything though. Colby Buzzell of My War was outted by NPR. He had managed to keep his identity secret for most of his time in Iraq until NPR started making a big deal about his blog. Then of course all the content mysteriously disappeared off it.

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