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Friday, May 06, 2005

Pogue Paradise

Part of our platoon went to Taji today. It's a huge base populated by Air Force and Army Support troops. Their chow hall was like an Applebee's, they had a PX there like a Wal-Mart, and you could buy cars and motorcycles there at factory prices, when you get home, it will be at the closest dealership waiting for you to pick it up. I wish I had gotten a chance to go, but my team stayed here. The entire Army works to one end, and that is to support the combat soldiers. So why is it that on our base, we eat cold cuts or MRE's, and have no PX, only a couple of tiny shops that sell junk at rip off prices? Seems like you are rewarded for staying in the FOB, and never actually doing anything dangerous, but if you are front line personnel you get the leftovers, and have to live a very spartan life. Oh well, I guess I save money this way. Next week, we will begin taking our new recruits out for their first patrols. So maybe I'll be home sooner than I thought! I'm pretty sure one of these guys is going to make a big mistake.


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