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Friday, April 29, 2005

Haaji lazy Haaji

The weekend is Friday and Saturday. We are supposed to have these days off to rest and rearm/maintenance. Today is Friday. I had guard from 0500-0700. Went to sleep until 0830. Took dunnage (spent rounds) from the week to the AHA (Ammo holding Area). Maintenanced the truck, restocked my medical gear, went to lunch, went on a foot patrol. Sat around for an hour, then the higher ups decided the bathrooms/showers needed to be cleaned. We actually contract this job out, but they were so nasty you couldn't stand to go in there. So, 10 of us spent 2 more hours of our day off to clean it properly. I imagine the cleaning dude is going to have a bad week. He'll probably get his bell rung by at least 4 of us. That is if it isn't anticipated and they fire him before anyone sees him.

That reminds me, remember when I wrote about the ING kidnapping the food contractor? Well, it turns out the IA uses the same guy, and he has been treating them very poorly. Yesterday he didn't show up with their lunch until 1430, and everyone was getting madder by the hour. Upon his arrival, a fellow cadre member mentioned that he should be beaten for doing such a bad job. A split second later, the IA platoon Sgt peelayed the dude right in the jaw. Although they had to go another hour without food because the contractor ran away. It is to our advantage though, we now know that the IA needs training in apprehending a suspect operating a vehicle. They should have drug him out of the truck, not only to prevent his retrograde, but to allow everyone to get his fair share of food, and the contractor fun time beating. I can tell they haven't fought much.

In comparison, the Scouts went on a foot patrol today, and the ING shot a guy because as they were walking by, he ran away and wouldn't stop. Oh yeah, they don't take nothing off nobody.


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