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Monday, August 15, 2005

God Bless Kodak

If you want to get warranty work done on a Kodak camera, you must have a problem that lies within the manufacturing or workmanship domain, and you must have a UPC label to send in with your unit. On a whim, I sent my Kodak camera back to the manufacturer to see if they would fix it. This thing has been clipped to my body armor in Baghdad for 9 months. It has problems far, far beyond what would be deemed warranty work. I've done everything except run over the thing. It has more 100 mile an hour tape holding it together than it does actual camera. Well, they fixed it, and sent a letter saying that it was full of dirt, the lens was scratched, the circuit boards were toast, and they had to replace the entire body (at no cost to me!). I have no idea why they fixed it instead of just sending me a new camera. But they did. Actually, I don't know why they didn't send me a camera back with a letter saying HAHAHA! Boy, you did a number on that one. Now go buy a new one, 'cause that one's toast!


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