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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Who is the National Guard Guarding Anyway?

Or "When I Stopped Caring And Learned To Love The Gun"

One of the little shops on our base has pellet guns for sale. Since the National Guard has gotten here, they love to go in there and play with them. I have no idea why. Anyway, yesterday, one of them was in there, and some how unknown to me, the shopkeeper gets shot in the head. These things break at the breach and are single shot. It's pretty easy to know if you are handling a loaded weapon or not. I always heard the jokes about the National Guard, and just figured it was alpha male posturing, but this little incident was one of several such similar retarded instances of below average decision making by the Nasty Girls. When the shopkeeper comes back (if he comes back) I'll try to get a pic of what I'm sure is going to become his million dollar wound. Until next time, watch your melon around your friendly bumbling National Guardsmen!


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