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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Magic Bullet

So no sh@#, there we were on patrol with the new recruits when I hear a PKC rip off a belt of 7.62 mm death nuggets. One of my guys goes down and I immediately knew what I had to do. I ran out into the alley, tracers all around, and drug him behind a dumpster. He had taken a slug in the thigh, his precious bodily fluids flowing out into the sewer that serves as a street in this cesspool called Baghdad. I clamped the artery with a pair of hemostats and whipped out my trusty LeatherMan pliers pulling the spent round out in one deft motion. We destroyed all enemy, and had our guy in surgery within the hour. The bullet is pictured below.

In reality, I dug this particular bullet out of the ground today. One of the other Americans and I were standing around talking, and there was a ZIP, THWACK, and a neat little hole appeared in the dirt right between us. I dug the bullet out with a bayonet, it had traveled about a foot down into hard clay. I have no doubt if had been just a foot or so to either side, one of us would be dead right now. It made for a neat story though didn't it? On another note, I can't disregard OPSEC, but terrorist acts are escalating here, and it gets pretty hairy at times. People are getting hurt every day. Keep us in your prayers.


Blogger cantseefade said...

You guys haven't been forgotten. Try to stay safe and make it back here in one piece.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Tim Stratton NREMT-P said...

I think about you every day little brother and say a prayer come home soon and safe
Love Tim

12:23 AM  

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