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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Never Heard of the Stones?

I guess in my naivety I thought American culture circled the globe. I now abnegate any responsibility for such narrow mindedness. I was hanging out with our interpreter "Bob" today, he is a fairly cultured fellow. He speaks Arabic, English and French. I was singing the Rolling Stones song "Angie". He had never heard of it, nor had he heard of the band. He also had no concept of what surfing is. I mean, who's never heard of surfing? So weird. I have a Surfing magazine I am going to bring him tomorrow. The Iraqi guys do like American music, most of the guys tell me they like Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Kenny G, and Kenny Loggins. I ordered them a bunch of CD's from Amazon for like 99 cents each. It has been a bad week, the enemy has decided to let us know they are still around. Americans have been hit hard, and close to home.


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