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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Shooting House...Luckily Not Shooting Me

Today we shot house with the recruits. They did very well. It seems that since we have started doing some high speed Infantry training they have stepped up to the challenge and are listening and executing. If you aren't familiar with the term "shooting house", you take a team of 4 soldiers into a house and clear rooms, they assume their points of domination in the room, and commence firing on the enemy (targets). It is nerveracking, and a high tension activity because there is a high chance for fratricide. After shooting house, they had to bound by twos for about 50 meters, covering each other with suppressive fire. Running and shooting is also dangerous; especially for me, because I have to run behind one of the teams and be sort a safety monitor. That means there are other recruits firing behind me, maybe 3 or 4 meters to either side. You have to have a lot of trust that they aren't going to put one in your back. The batallion commander came out to watch, and gave compliments. I hope they can remember their training though. We take them on operations soon. Talk about getting thrown to the sharks. This is either where all of our hard work and sweat either pay off, or let us know it was for naught. Wish us luck!


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