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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Patrol

We took the IA out for their first patrol today. We took them to the green zone, so that they could actually experience what it felt like to be on patrol without having to worry about getting into a fire fight every second. I would have to say the most exciting thing that happened was the demonstration we saw as we were headed back to camp. There was about 40 Iraqis standing on the red zone side of a checkpoint holding up signs and shouting. They said "Mr Bush do something" as we passed. The interpreter said the painting on the signs read, "We, the people of Iraq will be vigilant with our eyes to prevent terrorist acts." Of course I bet none of you have heard about those types of protests back home. The guys actually did a pretty good job. I was proud of them, and felt like I had actually taught them something. Tomorrow we are going to let them shoot house. That's when they do room clearing and urban tactics type stuff with live rounds. It will be a good test of their discipline and team cohesiveness.


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