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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well Again

I slept about 36 hours, woke up feeling pretty good. Still have chest pain, and a cough, but I feel alright, except for the fatigue which I hope will go away after tonight. I am off guard, so I should get some solid sleep. I have been thinking about the times after combat arms, like when I am a PA, or a civilian. I am such an equipment freak, I don't know what to do! My favorite hobby is backpacking in the mountains. So, I think I'll focus my equipment research and purchasing on that! There's tons and tons of equipment to choose from in the backpacking world. Some of my friends are into rock climbing, and have made a wall here. I may check that out too. We got into a small firefight day before yesterday. Not much to it...couple of snipers firing at us. Kind of dozed off for a minute...but it was because I was so sick. Nothing much came of it. One of our companies killed a few people yesterday. Don't know the story, other than there's a big stink about it. Probably another case of the leadership not standing behind their men. As the olf French saying goes, "Such is Life, War is Hell, but Babies are Easy to Make!"


Blogger Tim Stratton NREMT-P said...

Glad to see your doing better try to keep better care of your self
I see your up to stealing my quotes but you should say it in French it sounds better

come home safe and soon
Love Tim

4:54 PM  
Blogger Tim Stratton NREMT-P said...

Telle est la vie, la guerre est enfer, mais il est facile faire des bébés!"

7:17 AM  

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