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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


On Haifa St. you can pretty much guarantee you'll make contact on any given patrol (or at least while we were there, I hear it's a preschool now). In Karrada however, you may not get attacked for weeks, but when you do, it's big, and it is a casualty producer. There have been many bombs since patrolling this sector, but there is one that cut way too close to the quick for me, most skosh. We were entering our sector to set up a cordon and search, and a car bomb went off about 2 blocks away, we continued mission without any other difficulty. I heard later that there were 2 kids in the vicinity of said boom boom, and they ran and hid behind another car, which was about 100 meters away. They saw it was full of explosives and ran 2 miles to checkpoint 11. They got the GI's to defuse it without a problem. Scary because we would have been greased otherwise.


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