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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tales of the ING

When we first started patrolling with the ING (not the new recruits, they are IA), they had really itchy trigger fingers, and were scared at the same time which isn't a very good combination in a person that engages in combat every day...unless it's Mortal Kombat, and itchy trigger fingers might get you a few bonus points if you're lucky. In our case it was tense, and almost ended up in tragedy. So no shit there we were (all Army storys have to start this way), when an ING jundi (private) starts singing on full auto with his boom stick. Wer're all wondering what the hell he's shooting at, when we start hearing "FRIENDLY! FRIENDLY, GOD DAMN IT!!!" Turns out one of our snipers was moving behind some cover, when the private saw some movement through the window of a steel door, he just lets go with a magazine of 7.62. The sniper took some shrapnel from the door, but was otherwise unharmed. I'll post a neat picture I took when we got back to base and I pulled that crap out of his arm. It's so dirty here that I immediately put him on antibiotics, but he started showing signs of infection and cellulitis within 24 hours. I was pretty amazed by this, as that must be some pretty mean bacteria. Fortunately I just upped his dosage and all was well, plus the sniper got a star for his CIB (Combat Infantryman Badge). I will be getting the CIB as well, since my primary job title in the Army is Infantryman, and I am with an Infantry platoon, and have taken fire. I would be getting the CMB (Combat Medical Badge), but even though I am serving a dual role as shooter, and medic (and am a Nationally Registered Paramedic with 7 years experience and a degree in the field, the Army doesn't consider me a medic because I didn't go to their 4 month course. I would rather have the CIB anyway, it's a much cooler award to have. OK, back on subject. We took our old ING platoon out for a recon patrol of a new sector...and they got into a firefight! The funny thing is, it was with the Iraqi Police. I would say this is a huge mistake, firing on friendly forces again, but the IP are as corrupt as they come, and the ING hates them. So, I have my suspicions on just how much we (the Americans) knew about what was going on. I do know the ING don't take shit off anybody. For example, they had a contractor who was bringing their food, and he was really ripping them off, bringing substandard fare, and sometimes not showing up at all. So...they kidnapped him! For about three days, all we knew was that the ING weren't getting food, and somehow they knew he had been kidnapped. So we supplied them with 3,000 MREs per day and suddenly the contractor shows up again! Performing flawlessly I might add. MREs do suck. I don't blame them for not having the temerity to hold out for an entire week. I guess back home I would think this was crazy talk and not funny at all, but here, it's freaking hilarious! I really miss working with those guys. We went from doing missions with them 24/7 to maybe two missions a week. This basic training really sucks up all our resources and time. We are trying to train the new guys to shoot right now, but between the language barrier, and their insistence on jerking the trigger and not breathing correctly...and etc. etc. they can't hit crapola. Someone kept shooting at us today while we were training, but it was sporadic, and very minimal, so we didn't investigate. I've heard some fishy stories, and there is a new unit at our base scared to death. I wish I could get one of the spent rounds to see if it was American or not. So until something fun to write about happens, Ma'a'salama.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does "IA" mean? The state? My unit just went over... Jen

5:19 PM  
Blogger Fangbeer said...

Iraqi Army?

5:57 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

It means Iraqi Army. There is IP, Iraqi Police, ING Iraqi National Guard, and IA Iraqi Army. They all hate each other, and will probably fight to the death after the US leaves this forsaken stinkhole.

10:10 AM  

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