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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Good Buddy Regan

I've written of my friend Regan before, and I've shown you pictures of him and for a short while, linked to his blog. His multifarious use of four letter words led me to relegate the link to the netherregion of cyberspace. The bourn of this entry is coming, I promise. I am an avid knife collector, if you can't think of a gift for me, get me a knife...I'll be happy. Regan came up to me the other night and gave me a Strider MT-10 Chuck Mawhinney Strider. I'm sure that doesn't mean anything to most of you, but basically it is one of the best combat knives a man can own, with a price tag of about 325 bucks. He's going to get it engraved when we go home. What a guy, huh? For those of you haven't the slightest of who Chuck Mawhinney is, you can read about him here. One of the greatest snipers who ever lived


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