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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Party Over Here

We had a going away party for one of our Platoon Leaders tonight. He is moving to a staff position. First of all, you know you're asking for trouble when you are in a Muslim country and you decide to have a cookout featuring pigs! Sgt Cotton, who is an excellent chef, dug the pits, and stuffed the pigs with onions, garlic, and apples. He cooked them for about 12 hours. It was the most succulent pork I think I have ever eaten! The party went well, and at the end, we had cake and fireworks (parachute flares). Remember the big fire last week? Well, we had another one tonight. The problem was that it was in a palm grove outside our base. So, everyone went to put it out, I think after about 3.5 hours they finally got the last flame doused. To add to the bad luck, a high ranking NCO lost a very expensive radio while he was out there. Supposedly tomorrow morning at first light, everyone in the company is going out there to look for it. Here is the only pic I got. Enjoy.


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