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Thursday, April 21, 2005

April 21st, 2005

Well today has certainly been strange. I was called into the commander's office for unknown reason. Sidenote: about 2 weeks ago I asked the doc for some antidepressants to ease some work related stress I am having. The commander asked me how long have I been taking them and how much. I told him I had actually stopped taking them because they made me feel tired and such. Then he says the doc called and said I mistreated a patient. This guy who isn't even in my company comes to me with a broken finger. I splinted it, gave him motrin, and told him he needed to see a doctor. He isn't one of my guys, so it's really not my responsibility to deal with him anyway. Evidently this guy is at the hospital now, and has some damage to a joint in his finger. So, the Doc decides to say maybe I'm not making good decisions because of the medicine I'm on. So, the commander is sending me to see a Combat Stress Team at the Hospital in the green zone. I'm trying to look at it like a 3 day vacation, but my anxieties started because of a beuracracy (the army) that makes it a point to not get anything done. Every Iraqi patient I evacuated was like a red tape ticker parade....that's what caused my problem. So they're going to fix it by sending me to some happy-feel good place for three days? If I get access to the net, I will update you on my progress in the loony bin.


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